King Khan & BBQ show

Velvet Lounge gig

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Then I went to another house where everyone seemed to have “Rock” written on their bones inside them. Next to other more intimate words. Joe Bludge was singing, but like a legend, rather than someone just trying things out. His voice was like a mud slide that everyone was very calm feeling as it slowly dragged them down a hill. The drums were a legend too, and with grey hair like Rod Stewart. I was standing back, and I kept listening to the drums. A man next to me held a piece of wood in his hand, and brought it up to his lips to stain all his teeth in a different way. I think he was autistic. [read more]
The Black Lips Show
Perth duo THE PAINKILLERS were up next and wasted no time getting things rollin’. Now, when you think of an “acoustic guitarist”, it’s unlikely that the imposing, dishevelled image of Joe Bludge comes to mind. Sweaty and resplendent in a check shirt and jeans, Bludge’s guitar tone is raw and trebly – and when combined with the primal drumming of the Rock’n’Roll artefact that is James Baker, a sound is created that can only be described as ‘electric’. What’s more is that in addition to Bludge being a striking and enigmatic guitarist, he is nothing if not an observant and accomplished lyricist as well. Although local youngster Luke Dux joined the band on electric guitar for their closing numbers, he ultimately proved unnecessary as Bludge and Baker needed no help. When armed with their songs and instruments, these two are a force to be reckoned with. [read more]
Queensland Tour

Been a while but apparently everyone is still alive, whew QLD!


Painkillers Best of 2011
At this time of year, the street press and blogosphere is full of best-of-year compilations, and it is wonderful to see Feel the Pain make a few people's lists. One of our favourites is this list from the Boomeister of Inpress Magazine in Melbourne. It's got Adalita, Brian Hooper, Dave Graney and True Grit - you will want to track down some of the more obscure stuff, perhaps.

Thanks to the Boomeister and everybody else who thought of us when asked what was tops for 2011. [read more]
Feature from Life is Noise
In the latest edition in our series of interviews with Perth artists, we spend a minute with The Painkillers and find out what’s happening… [read more]
Thee Oh Sees support


The Tote 30th Birthday Party

Wow, The Tote is exactly the same age as us! We are coming to Melbourne to play with all these great Off the Hip bands for one night only...

Beaufort Street Festival

This is a great community festival that is happening every year in Perth. We are playing at 4pm on the Vincent Stage.



Album review from The Barman
It pains me (ouch) to start with a conclusion that the third album isn't as great as the first two. [read more]
Album review - Rave Magazine
Amidst a smorgasbord of gorgeous retro guitar tones, the band craft 11 efforts carried by big melodies and a drum sound that could fill a room. [read more]
Album review - Mess & Noise
Even if you want to simply call The Painkillers garage – and hell, they once won a WAMi Award for Best Punk Band – they don’t run on adrenaline but on a nervous looseness. It’s as if they’ve got to get through each song before it collapses beneath them like a spent horse. [read more]
The Painkillers
In the haze of years gone by, Josh Reynolds, aka Joe Bludge, was playing in a band at the Hyde Park Hotel in Perth. Among the regular patrons at the hotel was a bloke with a pudding bowl haircut and plenty of positive words for Bludge’s band. “He really loved the band,” Bludge recalls. “He was our number one fan.” Bludge wasn’t aware initially that the fan in question was James Baker, legendary drummer with The Victims, Beasts Of Bourbon, Le Hoodoo Gurus and The Dubrovniks. “I didn’t know his history,” Bludge admts. “It was only after starting working with him that I realised just how many bands he’d been in.”
[read more]
Album review - Sleazegrinder
The Painkillers aren’t noisy, particularly – they just cut the crap and tell their stories with little regard for niceties or etiquette, and that makes this pain worth feeling. [read more]
Beat Magazine review of Feel the Pain
Like a powerful orator trying to convey a substantive political idea in a crowd of facile rhetoricians, The Painkillers are a welcome triumph of substance over form. [read more]
Lipstick according to The Painkillers

Here is our cover of the Perth classic, Lipstick, from our new album!




Download it MAAAAAAN

How Melbourne made its own beat - Sydney Morning Herald
Wild About You! will be launched at Readings Carlton, 6.30pm on Thursday. A launch party featuring the Painkillers (Perth) and Thee Mighty Childish will be held at Off the Hip records on June 17 from 6.30pm.and more »
Buy us @ Citadel

We are pleased to say that all three releases (including the new album) our now available for purchase in CD format at Citadel mailorder.

There is a lot of good stuff for sale over there, so please don't pass us over for The Breadmakers or summin'



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